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Why compare Nottingham conveyancing solicitors?

By comparing Nottingham conveyancing quotes using our website, we will match you with conveyancing solicitors and licensed conveyancers located in Nottingham or serving the Nottingham area. You will receive an instant, accurate conveyancing quote based on the value of your property from Nottingham conveyancing solicitors on our panel who are located in the Nottingham area or who serve the Nottingham area. Our Nottingham conveyancing quotes are free, instant and there is no obligation.

Looking for conveyancing in Nottingham - here are a few useful Nottingham conveyancing hints:
  • A Local Authority search will only reveal entries relating to the particular property you are buying. If you require more information about surrounding properties ask your conveyancing solicitor to advise you of any further searches that can be undertaken.
  • When buying a property with a mortgage, some searches are compulsory (for example Local Authority Search). However, there are more searches available to buyers and you can ask your conveyancing solicitors to discuss any further searches that may be advisable.
  • If the property you are buying is leasehold, for example a flat, there may be further additional costs incurred from your conveyancing solicitor. This is due to the extra amount of work involved in approving both the Leasehold and Freehold title to the property. Ask your conveyancing solicitors to break this down when giving you your conveyancing quote.

Moving home in the Nottingham area - here are a few of our favourite home moving tips:
  • If you are trying to sell a house and have animals at home, ensure that all mess is cleaned up in the garden and if possible have the animal out of the house when showing prospective buyers around. If you have a caged animal make sure the bedding is clean and again if possible leave the pet with a friend or neighbour when conducting viewings.
  • When showing the property, open all curtains and blinds to let as much natural light in as possible and make the rooms look larger.
  • To give a welcoming feel and lasting good first impression, put pots of flowers at the front and back doors, so that as people approach the house it looks friendly and well cared for.

A little more about Nottingham


Nottingham is located towards the East Midland regions of the United Kingdom. The city has a rich culture and history along with new innovative technology. One reason that the city receives a lot of global recognition is because of the legend of Robin Hood and his main nemesis the Sheriff of Nottingham. Robin Hood was a hero said to dwell in the Sherwood Forest situated north of Nottingham. Legend has it that he went to civilized places to rob from the rich in order to feed the poor.


The Sherwood Forest is a remarkable historical site in Nottingham. It is now 460 acres of County Park which is a national nature reserve. Every year on August, 500,000 people visit the forest for the Robin Hood Festival. The “Major Oak” is a huge tree in the Sherwood Forest believed to have been Robin Hood’s living quarters. The tree is over 800 years old; it has a 33 feet tall trunk and weights about 23 tones.


Nottingham has various other attractions. The Brew house Yard Museum is a historical monument that depicts the history of the city. The Canal Museum is a dam known for its long bridge. The High fields Park has a museum that shows factory displays. It also has a park for children. The Durban House Heritage Centre is a place for those who love literature. The Museum and Art Gallery features a collection of items such as paintings, art works, jewels, glass and diamond cuttings.


The Nottingham castle is another attraction that shows the kingdom of the town. The historical castle was initially built in wood then later replaced with stone by Henry 1 in the 1100s. In 1649, the castle was razed.


Although Nottingham is a city that is now up to date with technological advancements, the question of Robin Hood’s existence still raises more questions than answers. Nevertheless, it is still a city worth visiting for its rich culture and historical monuments.



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