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By comparing Sheffield conveyancing quotes using our website, we will match you with conveyancing solicitors and licensed conveyancers located in Sheffield or serving the Sheffield area. You will receive an instant, accurate conveyancing quote based on the value of your property.


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hlw Keeble Hawson Solicitors
Commercial House
Commercial Street
S1 2AT




hlw Keeble Hawson have a well-regarded, highly experienced team of property solicitors and residential conveyancers serving the Sheffield area. From their offices in Sheffield city centre, this law firm offers expert advice when buying or selling a property in Sheffield, and are happy to provide free conveyancing quotes and discuss the fees associated with your property transaction

Do not hesitate to get a conveyancing quote from this well established law firm who offer competitive fees and a friendly, affordable approach. Simply choose the service above that you require a quote for and let us help you on your way.


Looking for conveyancing in Sheffield - here are a

few useful Sheffield conveyancing hints:

  • Fill in all the paperwork you receive from your conveyancing solicitors promptly and return to them. This will help avoid any unnecessary delays and is applicable when both buying and selling a property.
  • Before choosing your conveyancing solicitor, always get more than one conveyancing quote. Prices can vary massively and you could save yourself a lot of money.
  • A Local Authority search will only reveal entries relating to the particular property you are buying. If you require more information about surrounding properties ask your conveyancing solicitor to advise you of any further searches that can be undertaken.

Moving home in the Sheffield area - here are a

few of our favourite home moving tips:

  • When looking to sell your property it is advisable that you get valuations from at least 3 local estate agents. This will mean that you will get a good idea of the general market value of your property.
  • When showing the property, open all curtains and blinds to let as much natural light in as possible and make the rooms look larger.
  • When you have a viewing booked for your property, put some fresh bread in the oven – this smells welcoming and inviting and gives people a good feeling about your home.

Sheffield has a rich history. Here's a snapshot of this great City -


The origins of Sheffield date back to the 1st millennium AD when it was just a settlement in a clearing beside a River. After England conquered Norman, the Sheffield castle was build to keep watch over the Saxon settlement. It is at this time that Sheffield developed into a small town. Sheffield is derived from River Sheaf whose name comes from Sheth which means to separate.


In the 14th century, Sheffield was known for producing knives and by 1600 it had developed into the main centre for producing cutlery in England. Sheffield was still a major industrial city during the early years of the 20th century. During the First World War, the city was bombed by German resulting in massive losses. As the 2nd world war loomed, Sheffield had developed steel factories that were making weapons for the war. Once the Second World War was declared, the city became a target once again because it was the city responsible for producing ammunition in the area. After recovering from the war, the industries declined and were replaced by a new infrastructure and many buildings.


Sheffield is among several flowing rivers and streams surrounded by hills where you can get raw materials such as iron ore, coal, ganister and millstone grit. This is why Sheffield was ideal for water powered industries. Water wheels were built for milling corn but later were converted for the manufacture of steel.


After the decline of the steel industry, a lot of development projects were initiated under the title, Sheffield one. On 25th June 2007, there was flooding that caused damage to buildings in the city and losses amounting to millions of pounds. However, just like other tragedies that Sheffield survived in the past the flooding was not going to be an exception. Sheffield is currently a prosperous city struggling to keep up with the changing times.


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