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By comparing York conveyancing quotes using our website, we will match you with conveyancing solicitors and licensed conveyancers located in York or serving the York area. You will receive an instant, accurate conveyancing quote based on the value of your property from York conveyancing solicitors on our panel who are located in the York area or who serve the York area. Our York conveyancing quotes are free, instant and there is no obligation.

Looking for conveyancing in York - here are a few useful York conveyancing hints:
  • When buying a property with a mortgage, some searches are compulsory (for example Local Authority Search). However, there are more searches available to buyers and you can ask your conveyancing solicitors to discuss any further searches that may be advisable.
  • If a property is not registered at the Land Registry, and is therefore classed as Unregistered, there is often a lot more work involved for your conveyancing solicitors due to the nature of old documents contained within Title Deeds. Ask your conveyancing solicitors of any additional costs associated with this if the property you are buying happens to be Unregistered.
  • If you are unsure about any information your conveyancing solicitor has sent you about the property, just ask them. After all you want to be sure what you are signing up for when buying a property.

Moving home in the York area - here are a few of our favourite home moving tips:
  • It is not just the inside of the house that should be clean and tidy when trying to sell. Make the most if the garden by tidying away all the kids toys and cutting down any dead plants. A well presented garden can make a huge difference to a lot of potential buyers.
  • To give a welcoming feel and lasting good first impression, put pots of flowers at the front and back doors, so that as people approach the house it looks friendly and well cared for.
  • When looking to market your property ask your friends and family if they know of anyone who they would recommend and have used in the past. Also speak to various agents in detail about how they intend to get you the best price for your property in the shortest time – they should be pro-active from the start!

York in a nutshell...


York is one of the most fabulous historic cities of England. The Romans called it Eboracum. The Saxons knew it as Eoforwick and the Vikings called it Jorvik. Modern York combines its historic architecture with designer shops, restaurants, cafes and bars that attract tourists from every corner of the world.


York is famous for its archaeological treasure trove. One of the popular archaeological sites is the JORVIK. The dig in this region began in 1976 recovering over 15000 objects. The most spectacular remain was an Anglo Saxon helmet which can now be viewed at the Castle Museum.


York’s medieval building and streets are well preserved and the city is traffic free, clean and pleasant to walk around day or night. York’s most stylish shopping streets are Stonegate and Petergate. These streets are situated in the same routes as they were 2,000 years ago when they were known as Via Praetoria and Via Principalis. These streets led to the Roman headquarters where the Gothic minster stands today. This building took over 200 years to construct and in 1472, it was consecrated.


Some of the great examples of York’s medieval endeavour are the Merchant Adventurers Hall, the Minster, the Guildhall and the Barley Hall. In the 18th Century, York featured town houses and buildings that the wealthy classes regarded it an attractive alternative to London.


York has a reputation in the chocolate industry, owing to the large factories established by Terry’s and Rowantree’s in the 20th century. Rowantree’s is known for Aero, Smarties and Kit Kat whilst Terry’s is famous for the Chocolate Orange and All Gold collection.


York's culture and festivities are a huge tourist attraction. York is known to host races during summer. Besides racing, York also hosts other events which include the Jorvik Festival occurring in February, The Festival of Food and Drink which comes in September and the Early Music Festival which happens in July.



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